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MASS is an entrepreneurship platform that aims to develop and frame the startup-ecosystem in emerging markets. Our value proposition focuses on seed stage and early stage startups, accredited investors, and public sector organizations interested in technology innovation.

We believe that the success of a tech based entrepreneurial ecosystem depend on –

  • Concentration of founders and ecosystem players,
  • Access to successful mentors and serial entrepreneurs,
  • Access to experienced capital
  • Access to experienced legal counsel
  • Quality of academia
  • A growing media presence
  • Access to infrastructure

MASS aims to ensure that resources, mainly knowledge, capital and legal counsel reach appropriate opportunity at the right time.


We are industry agnostic and we are not constricted geographically.  We welcome the opportunity to work with unproven teams, operating in foreign markets, creating solutions for unique problems; but one that shares our vision: bridging gaps to enable leaps.

We invest resources in various forms, that ensure big ideas have a home and a space to grow. Working at the intersection of law, technology and entrepreneurship with experience in Silicon Valley and emerging markets, our team provides a unique combination expertise.

We connect visionaries to the right entities and people, helping them forge meaningful partnerships that enable the right conversations. We bridge gaps to enable leaps.

What we Do: 

What we do for start-ups 

Founders in emerging markets have superior technical talent in comparison to commercialization of their inventions. The main reason for this is the poor concentration of other founders and ecosystem players who have succeeded in the unique challenges of the foreign market they operate in. We aim to bridge this experience gap and help them become the pioneers of their market by giving them:

  • Access to Mentorship
  • Sourcing smart investment
  • Access to legal counsel
  • Talent acquisition
  • Regulation lobbying

What we Do for Investors 

Mass is founded with the belief that venture capital is an asset class that most wealthy investors should have in their portfolio. But access to traditional VC firms is skewed to well-connected institutions. MASS takes the unique approach of educating wealthy investors in emerging markets on venture investment in technology and bringing them the right opportunity to deploy idle capital.

  • Access to Venture investment
  • Access to syndication of funds
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Market Analysis and Education
  • Corporate counsel

What we Do for Public Sector organizations 

In a world disrupted by technology, it is equally important for state governments to be ahead of the curve by being knowledgeable about innovations functioning in core industries – in order to safely regulate and introduce changes to the general public. We aim to assist governments by:

  • Policy Development
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Events and Conference

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